"we enable our customers to build state-of-the-art connectivity services for cellular IoT & consumer devices"


In May 2008, Kathrin Asmuth founded achelos as a manufacturer-independent software company to develop products and services for the digital and cyber security market. Within the market specific segments Connect, Industry, Health and Public, we provide outstanding expertise in cryptographic technologies, related industry standards and regulation requirements. We help our clients to realise high-security products and services, from PKI solutions to secure development of Common Criteria (CC) evaluated software.

Kathrin Asmuth - Founder & Managing Partner
Kathrin Asmuth - Founder & Managing Partner

Based on the vision that only a manufacturer independent RSP software would be able to truly deliver the benefits of the plastic SIM’s digital transformation, Kathrin brought together a team of experts in embedded telecom technology and cloud-native application development in 2015. Our senior experts have been part of the cellular telecommunication industry for decades, actively contributing to GSMA's standards - from the very first eSIM M2M architecture to its latest SGP.31 design. The team set to work from a clean slate without any legacy code and released in 2017 the world's first implementation of a GSMA eSIM RSP Management system for M2M developed by a non-SIM vendor. Since the release of the RSP consumer solution SM-DP+ in 2019 achelos CONNECT offers a complete set of solutions to the market that grant our customers full control and ownership of the eSIM RSP management service.



what connects us beyond our enthusiasm for technology


the expertise of our talent pool forms the foundation of our success and we connect the right skills with the unique requirements of each customer, consequently using digital technology in a distributed company environment


our curiosity is driving learning and innovation and we engage deeply with new ideas, question our assumptions and explore uncharted territory


say what you mean and mean what you say - in this way we build long-lasting relationships with transparency and fairness


all our work is based on defined processes and quality standards to consistently produce secure and high quality results


we are committed to creating a sustainable society actively managing our operations in a way that balances our social, environmental and economic objectives