How to manage eSIM Profiles for IoT & M2M Devices


The achelos SM-DP generates and manages all M2M eSIM profiles of the Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

When a new profile shall be installed on a device, the SM-DP performs the remote provisioning of the profile through a secure end2end connection to the eSIM via the achelos SM-SR.

Besides the transport function, the achelos SM-SR is used by the MNO or an IoT Service Provider to manage the profile lifecycle (activation, deactivation, deletion) of the eSIM devices that are registered on the system.


eSIM System Architecture for M2M Devices


Profile Repository

  • Secure storage of generated profiles
  • Profile Lifecycle Management, from creation to deletion with customisable reuse policies

Profile Order Management

  • Creation and encryption of personalised profile packages for download

Profile Download Manager

  • Download of ordered profile packages (through secure connection via SM-SR)

Logical components of achelos SM-DP


eSIM Repository

  • Secure storage of eSIM information and their respective configuration and state
  • eSIM Lifecycle Management (profile activation, deactivation and deletion)

Delivery Manager

  • Secure communication with eSIM over 3GPP connectivity
  • Support of SMS and HTTPS transport protocol (CAT-TP on demand)

Logical components of achelos SM-SR