eSIM Management in the Cloud (part II)

The growth of the eSIM ecosystem together with the emergence of container technology has led to an increased use of cloud providers for the hosting of eSIM management solutions.


In the traditional on-premises model, infrastructure, platforms, and applications are built on top of each other. With cloud services, however, you can choose how much of the traditional process you would like to manage yourself and what to purchase from the cloud provider.


The benefits are substantial. Instead of buying infrastructure up front, cloud services like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) allow you to spread the spending over time and save expenses concerning hardware maintenance. Computing resources are provisioned on demand and can easily be scaled as needed. This means you can not only increase service consumption but also decrease it when resources are no longer necessary.


When the solution is hosted on cloud, both the eSIM service provider and the Cloud provider need to be SAS-SM certified for the activities within scope of SAS-SM that they are responsible for.

In principle, two certification options are available for the cloud provider:



Non-independent SAS-SM Certification, where the cloud provider is seeking to be included within the scope of the eSIM service provider’s certification as a subcontractor (the eSIM service provider is ultimately responsible for compliance with the SAS-SM requirements by its subcontractor).


Option 2:

Independent SAS-SM Certification, where the cloud provider chooses to acquire independent SAS-SM certification of its Cloud services and data centres.


Some cloud providers have been certified over the last couple of years with the non-independent option as subcontractors. Only over the last 20 months two of the global hyperscalers have chosen to complete independent SAS-SM certification, first Microsoft Azure followed by Amazon Web Services. As of today, both have certified multiple locations in Europe and the United States.


We see this development as a game changer in the industry, which is why we decided from the beginning to build solutions that run in any cloud. It allows companies to fully focus on the creation of innovative eSIM based connectivity services that can be easily scaled and comply from the beginning with telco grade reliability requirements.


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