Subscription Management for SIMs

SIM Subscription Management solution offers the following Over-The-Air subscription management functionality:

  • Remote Over-The-Air subscription download. The downloaded subscription can be enabled immediately after download or later on demand
  • Activation of previously downloaded subscription
  • Deletion of inactive subscription from the card
  • Remote audit of SIM Subscription Management application

All subscription management operations can be triggered manually using administrative WEB UI or via Connectivity Management REST API which can be used for the integration with an external systems.

Bootstrap service allows automatically download one or several operational subscriptions to the card using factory installed bootstrap connectivity. After the download the bootstrap subscription can be automatically removed from the card or kept for the fallback purposes.

IoT enterprise can remotely download and enable new subscriptions on a selected card. The procedure can be initiated from the Admin GUI or via CMG REST API call.

Subscriptions can be deleted from the card by IoT enterprise using WEB user interface or CMG REST API call. Subscription can be removed from the card only if it is in Disabled state and does not have fallback attribute.

SIM Subscription
Management Appplication

SIM Subscription Management application is responsible for management of MNO subscriptions on the SIM card and supports the following remote management commands:

  • Subscription download
  • Subscription enable
  • Subscription delete
  • Audit
  • Set fallback attribute

This application also implements associated logic related to automatic subscription selection/subscription rollback.

SIM Subscription Management application operates with the following data:

  • Subscriptions registry - a list of installed subscriptions on the card
  • Profile template - an un-personalized profile with a data for MNO subscriptions. This template is used to minimize traffic during subscription download process

SMS is used as the transport channel for remote communication with the SIM Subscription Management applet. Integration with SMSC is done via SMPP (v3.4 or later) protocol.

Connectivity Management

CMG Platform is implemented as a set of micro-services with an API gateway, that secures and centralizes clients interaction with the system. Public API is declared in the form of OpenAPI (Swagger) documents and supports various authentication mechanisms.

Secure Router service tracks SIM Subscription Management application life cycle on for each connected card. Its primary role is to provide OTA API for other services to perform subscription management operations:

  • subscription download
  • subscription activation
  • fallback attribute management
  • timers management

SIM Subscription Management Secure Router stores information about the SIM cards and all installed subscriptions as well as their status (enabled/disabled). The SIM card information set shall be imported in CMG from dedicated output files generated by the SIM vendor for each SIM card batch. The SIM cards are organized into groups, each card group has unique set of properties and rules of subscription management logic (e.g. bootstrapping rules). Card group organization also allows managing individual permissions for enterprise customers.

In case of potential de-synchronization of subscription states between CMG backend and the card the service puts the card to "Dirty" state, which triggers automatic remote audit of the card.

All operations performed with the card are stored in the database as "audit trail" history.