Harnessing the power of eSIM

with scalable, dependable and secure software solutions that give you control over all commercial, technical and operational aspects of your eSIM service.



Remote eSIM Provisioning

IoT eSIM Management

M2M eSIM Management

IoT Connectivity Orchestration

Host your own eSIM service - for any use case.

With an ever increasing amount of smartphones and other consumer devices supporting eSIM it is set to replace the plastic SIM card as the default method of subscriber connectivity activation. Our solution incorporates DP+ and DS compliant with SGP.22, offering extensive functions beyond the specified GSMA standard.

As a Mobile Network Operator you can have complete ownership of the eSIM provisioning service, ensuring all critical data is generated and processed in-network.

As a Telco Solution Provider you can extend your service portfolio with deeply integrated eSIM Management capabilities that you fully control.

IoT - Internet of Things

The cost-sensitive nature of IoT makes eSIM management a valuable asset for many different players, like MNOs, MVNOs, Service & Solution Providers as well as Chipset and Device manufacturers.

Our solution for the latest GSMA standard SGP.32 contains the eIM (eSIM Remote IoT Manager) for the management of eSIM profiles on Network Constraint Devices.

For the management of devices compliant with the GSMA M2M standard SGP.02 we offer a solution integrating the profile provisioning component DP with the SR component for secure transport and profile lifecycle management.

IoT implementations demand fully automated eSIM lifecycle workflows and our IoT Connectivity Orchestration solution has been designed to fulfil this requirement across the GSMA standards.

Private Networks

Enterprises and organisations are increasingly choosing to deploy private LTE and 5G networks, often coupled with the demand to have full control over data storage and processing.

For this particular application we can offer a dedicated eSIM Provisioning solution with minimum footprint and optimised functional scope based on our telco-grade DP+, guaranteeing the isolation of critical network access keys in security sensitive environments.


Easy to deploy & fast to scale

High-security software enabling you to host and operate critical eSIM services.


Key advantages

Our software can be deployed in various configurations from on-premise private cloud to hybrid and multi cloud.

Since 2017 our solutions power RSP Services around the world, proving the quality and performance of our software.

Regular SAS-SM certifications of our customers underline the compliance and maturity of our solutions.


Remote eSIM Provisioning

→ GSMA SGP.22 compliant

→ Central profile repository, supporting all activation modes (QR-Code, Generic-QR, CarrierApp, Discovery Service, Default DP+)

→ Easy integration of external Discovery Services, like Apple Lookup Service, Samsung DS, GSMA DS

→ Incorporates achelos DS either for stand-alone Discovery Service, or DS cascading



eSIM IoT Management

→ GSMA SGP.32 compliant

→ Central node for eSIM profile lifecycle management, specifically designed to manage Network Constraint Devices (NCD)

→ Supports IPA on device (IPAd) as well as IPA on eUICC (IPAe)

→ Easily integrated with achelos IoT Connectivity Orchestration platform


eSIM M2M Management

→ GSMA SGP.02 compliant

→ Integrating SM-DP and SM-SR for simplified administration

→ Simple integration of external GSMA components via standardised interfaces

→ Easy integration of SMS-C entities via SMPP protocol



IoT Connectivity Orchestration

→ Central IoT profile and device repository

→ Integration with external GSMA components using standardised interfaces

→ Event based business rules for automated profile lifecycle workflows

Read our eSIM RSP-Cookbook to learn more.

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Since 2015 the CONNECT team of achelos GmbH has been developing eSIM solutions for the global mobile telecom market.

Today we are one of the leading specialised software providers in this domain. As an Industry Member of the GSM Association our experts participate in relevant GSMA working groups to shape upcoming innovations and ensure our solutions remain on the cutting edge of eSIM technology.

We believe that in the dynamic realm of technology, partnerships are the cornerstone of success. Collaborating with complementary partners allows to combine expertise, resources, and technologies, resulting in more robust and competitive offerings.