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Telco Solution Providers can extend their existing portfolio with eSIM Management capabilities, while Mobile Operators, especially on a group level, can run the eSIM provisioning service in-network without 3rd party involvement.

We have designed our SM-DP+ with integrated SM-DS component to be efficiently deployed into your preferred environment, whether private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Beside the standard ES2+ interface the extensive REST API of our solution allows easy integration with external systems and processes.





eSIM for IoT


The cost-sensitive nature of IoT makes eSIM management a valuable asset for MNOs, MVNOs, Service & Solution Providers as well as Chipset and Device manufacturers.

With SGP.32 a modern standard is becoming available based on SM-DP+ and SM-DS, introducing eIM (eSIM Remote IoT Manager) to support constraint devices in a flexible way. For management of devices compliant with the earlier M2M standard SGP.02 we offer SM-SR and SM-DP.

To facilitate complex procedures that go beyond GSMA's atomic operations we offer the IoT Connectivity Orchestrator. It acts as a middleware layer that effortlessly integrates external systems for event-triggered profile life cycle workflows.






Enterprises and organisations are increasingly choosing to deploy private LTE and 5G networks, often coupled with the demand to have full control over data storage and processing.

For this particular application we offer an 'eSIM Management-in-a-box' solution with minimum footprint. This guarantees the isolation of critical network access keys in security sensitive environments.








running your own eSIM Provisioning Service






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Remote eSIM Provisioning systems manage mobile network keys and identities, making them mission & security critical components. It requires deep understanding of certifiable crypto implementations as well as significant experience in modern cloud technologies to build software that is up to this task.


Several achelos partner SAS-SM certifications using our solutions validate the quality of our software and underline the experience of our team to deliver on a global scale in line with the scheme's stringent security requirements.


To make sure our solutions always remain on the cutting edge of the eSIM technology evolution, we are participating in related GSMA working groups since joining the GSM Association in 2017. As an expert company for digital security achelos is of course ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified to guarantee our customers and partners the highest level of quality and information security management.



Partners & friends



Workz hybrid eSIM management solution provides the next-generation of remote eSIM provisioning platform supporting multiple use cases. The SM-SR, SM-DP and SM-DP+ components form a complete eSIM management platform based on GSMA specifications. Workz has selected achelos as a partner to provide its expertise in subscription management technology to support the launch of this breakthrough new eSIM solution.

siticom is a technology innovation company with a focus on Private 5G Networks. Our vision for 5G is to establish a universally programmable infrastructure that extends beyond communication capabilities. This groundbreaking approach serves as the foundation for our solutions, catering to the evolving needs of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Automation IoT services. Within our network of excellence, achelos stands out with its specialization in 5G, eSIM, and security frameworks. Harnessing their capabilities, we present our clients with innovative eSIM solutions and fortified security protocols.

Tele2 IoT orchestrates communication between devices and machines, to help you launch successful IoT solutions. At Tele2 IoT we focus on what we do best; deliver global connectivity as well as enable efficient management and Value Added Services needed within IoT. We are very happy to work in a close partnership with achelos, their speed and flexibility are perfectly aligned with our core values.

CAIRON serves the telecommunications industry worldwide. We steadily developed to a full-range solution and services provider with a constantly growing portfolio including all types of cards (SIM, vouchers, memory) and packaging, but also value added services (SOS credit, VoIP). Since 2016 we partner with achelos for eSIM Subscription Management.

Through the partnership with achelos, ConnectedYou (CY) successfully meet a critical milestone in our vision of creating a seamless and independent orchestration layer for IoT connectivity. achelos’ RSP solution powered with CY’s IoT service platform allows MNOs and MVNOs to quickly get on-board our eco-system, enabling a plethora of connectivity options for CY’s customers.