Remote eSIM Provisioning



achelos CONNECT enables players in the mobile ecosystem to fully harness the power of eSIM by hosting and operating services in their own preferred environment.

We offer a complete range of telco-grade solutions, from off-the-shelf, GSMA compliant Remote eSIM Provisioning to Profile Content Management and IoT Connectivity Orchestration.

As one of the leading software houses in this domain we can also rapidly develop customised extensions as well as fully bespoke systems to fulfil your specific requirements.


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With our solutions you can integrate eSIM provisioning into your technology stack for any use case.



eSIM for Consumer

Telco Solution Providers can extend their existing portfolio with eSIM Management capabilities, while Mobile Operators, especially on a group level, can run the eSIM provisioning service in-network without 3rd party involvement.

We have designed our SM-DP+ with integrated SM-DS component to be efficiently deployed into any preferred environment.

Beside the standard ES2+ interface the extensive REST API of our solution allows easy integration with external systems.






eSIM for IoT

The cost-sensitive nature of IoT makes eSIM management a valuable asset for MNOs, MVNOs, Service & Solution Providers as well as Chipset and Device manufacturers.

For management of devices compliant with the M2M standard SGP.02 we offer an integrated solution of SM-SR and SM-DP.

The new SGP.32 standard introduces the eIM (eSIM Remote IoT Manager) to support constraint devices, utilising SM-DP+ and SM-DS for profile provisioning

For fully automated eSIM life-cycle workflows, we offer the IoT Connectivity Orchestrator.





eSIM for Private Network

Enterprises and organisations are increasingly choosing to deploy private LTE and 5G networks, often coupled with the demand to have full control over data storage and processing.

For this particular application we offer an 'eSIM Management-in-a-box' solution with minimum footprint based on our telco-grade SM-DP+ solution. It guarantees the isolation of critical network access keys in security sensitive environments.









Key Advantages


Our solutions power RSP Services around the world that are regularly certified according to the GSMA's security assurance scheme SAS-SM.

Optimised for the specific requirements of each customer, they are deployed in various configurations from on-premise private cloud to hybrid and multi cloud.






Continuous improvement processes and a constant product evolution in line with standards and market demands make our solutions the ideal engine also for your RSP Service.




Easy to Deploy - Fast to Scale



Rapid PoC setup to try out eSIM RSP with your processes and backend systems


Fast deployment of instances to shorten time-to-market of new services


Multi-site, hybrid and fully custom configurations without changing one line of code



Learn in detail how an RSP Service is deployed in our



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about us


achelos GmbH is a system house for cybersecurity and digital identity management, founded in 2008 and based in Paderborn, Germany.

The achelos CONNECT team focusses on eSIM solutions for the global mobile telecom market.

As Industry Member of the GSM Association since 2017 we participate in relevant working groups to ensure our solutions remain on the cutting edge of eSIM technology. Certifications of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 guarantee the highest level of quality and information security management.