achelos publishes "DIY eSIM RSP Cookbook"

Although “eSIM-Management-as-a-Service” has been available for years from established SIM vendors, companies that deliver RSP services to their customers will need, in the long-term, commercial and technical independence to offer competitive products and services. And Mobile Network Operators (MNO) can have compelling reasons to fully control storage and processing of subscriber data “in-network”.

One alternative to the Software-as-a-Service model - developing the RSP software - is a huge project that demands deep knowledge of the embedded security domain and substantial development resources. The second alternative - using “off-the-shelf” RSP software - eliminates the cost and risks of a development project and instead focusses efforts on building an RSP service that perfectly fits the business demands.

achelos offers a complete suite of RSP solutions covering the components specified by the GSMA (GSM Association) as well as solutions that go beyond the specified standards. As a software house we not only develop customised features and extensions for all products but also fully bespoke solutions.

To the challengers of the eSIM Management status quo, we deliver control.

Control of infrastructure and system configuration

Control of quality and costs

Control of regulatory compliance

Control of customer data retention

Control of integration with systems and processes

Control of customisation for a unique offering


With the “RSP Cookbook” we give a detailed overview to help you determine which approach is right for you, “RSP-as-a-Service” or “Do-It-Yourself-RSP”. You will find information about the essential ingredients and, with a step-by-step recipe, how you can build an RSP service that you fully control and that is enabling your business strategy in the long-term.


Download the achelos DIY-eSIM-RSP Cookbook here.

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