achelos supports Workz’ next-gen eSIM Solution

Workz’ hybrid eSIM management solution provides the next-generation of remote SIM provisioning platform supporting multiple use cases. It is the market’s first single solution for managing devices over-the-air in both consumer and M2M/IoT verticals.

The system provides over-the-air update capabilities that allows remote management of subscriptions on all eSIM devices. The SM-SR, SM-DP and SM-DP+ components form a complete eSIM management platform based on GSMA specifications.

As one of only six complete eSIM providers in the world certified by the GSMA it allows Workz to offer a highly secure, interoperable, scalable, and future-ready solution for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

achelos is honoured to have been selected as a partner by Workz to provide its expertise in subscription management technology to support the launch of this breakthrough new eSIM solution.


About Workz

Workz is recognised as one of the global leaders in mobile IoT - enabling the secure deployment of smart devices and their data faster and easier than ever before. Since its start in 1997, it has securely managed over 14 billion connections in more than 70 countries all without a single data breach. It is an American & European-owned company with headquarters in Dubai and offices across the world. It is one of only six providers in the world to be certified by the GSMA to manage the complete eSIM lifecycle from production, data generation and personalisation, to subscription management, across both the consumer and M2M markets. Workz is also the world’s largest manufacturer of telecom cards.


About achelos

achelos, a private German company, is a leading specialist supplier of hardware-agnostic, high-performance products, solutions and services in security-critical fields of application. Its subscription management technology enables a diverse range of international industry players to build connectivity solutions customised to their specific business requirements, from Connectivity and IoT Solution Providers to chip manufacturers and device OEMs.


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