Beta Release of Subscription Manager Consumer v2.2

Management of eSIMs in consumer devices (SM-DP+) is the focus in 2019 for the experts of achelos IoT.
After showing last year the fully automated lifecycle management of connectivity in IoT devices, from service bootstrap to end-of-life, achelos has expanded its offer with the beta release of SM-DP+ and SM-DS products.

This offer addresses the market players planning to build their own Subscription Management DP+ service for consumer devices to achieve better cost control, address national regulations and a close integration with their own software stack. The potential customer landscape stretches from mobile network operators to service and infrastructure providers.

The SM-DS (Subscription Manager Discovery Server) can be used optionally, depending on which activation procedures are selected by the mobile network operator.

It should be noted that usage of the SM-DS service within the GSMA ecosystem requires integration with the GSMA Root DS service. Therefore, the introduction of the SM-DS service has implications on the commercial and device logistics models of the MNO or the Service Provider deploying and operating the SM-DS service.


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