Beta Release of Subscription Manager for legacy SIM

Despite the fact that the first release of the eSIM specification for M2M was introduced some years ago, introduction of eSIM is still progressing slowly. One of the factors impacting this process is the significant price difference between traditional SIM and eSIM.

In order to simplify the eSIM migration process, achelos has introduced the Connectivity Management Gateway (CMG) as a Subscrption Manager for legacy SIM cards. It largely reuses the functionality as well as the security architecture of the achelos Subscription Manager product combined with an on-card SIM application allowing to remotely install and manage multiple subscriptions on a traditional SIM card.

Since CMG can be easily upgraded to the Subscription Manager M2M compliant with GSMA SGP.02, a service provider integrating CMG in its infrastructure and adopting internal SIM and subscription management processes will be well prepared for migration to eSIM.


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