In-House eSIM RSP for Telco Service Providers

The most known Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) solutions are offered as a service by one of the established SIM vendors. Historically, an RSP service has been seen as an evolution of the traditional SIM card business. The only difference was that an MNO or CSP buys a "virtual" SIM instead of a physical one. This is also the reason why GSMA did not differentiate between RSP service and software providers: it has been considered that the software is just a piece of the service that is offered by an established SIM card vendor.

Luckily, the GSMA RSP standards have opened the way to alternative business models that are emerging on the market despite the very protective solution design that create high barriers for newcomers. New players can start offering RSP services to the MNOs and CSPs, in particular SM-DP+ managing eSIMs in consumer devices. Some examples of these players are:

  • SIM manufacturers with SIM production expertise, who want to offer the RSP services to their customer base as a compliment to the exiting SIM card, data generation, packaging, etc. offering
  • CSPs building own connectivity ecosystems with their connectivity partners
  • OEMs targeting to aggregate connectivity partners managing own device fleet

All these players may have a strong expertise in a particular domain. Software development, and in particular creation of a highly specialized software like RSP solution, might not be among their strongest skills. Therefore, an independent software provider that can deliver the software without competing with them in offering services to their customer or partner base might be the most efficient way to quickly build and launch the RSP service.

We offer to Service Providers and Aggregators the RSP software compliant with GSMA SGP.02 and SGP.22 (and soon with SGP.32) enabling them to build an RSP service independently of any established RSP service provider. Our product portfolio created with a deep domain expertise is backed up by the practical experience with cloud-native deployments. From the beginning our software was designed to target deployments in private and public cloud environments, and therefore relies on the open source software stack. We can deploy our software in the selected environment for a Proof-of-Concept in just a few days.

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