Product Release of Discovery Server (SM-DS)

achelos is proud to announce the launch of our eSIM Discovery Server product for consumer devices (SM-DS) compliant with GSMA SGP.22 v2.3 specifications.


eSIM Discovery is the GSMA-specified and universally recognised method for automated remote eSIM provisioning.

This standardised way of activating eSIM subscriptions provides a fully digital customer journey for connectivity service activation and represents a more cost-effective approach for operators, especially for the activation of constraint wearable devices.


The achelos SM-DS can be deployed stand-alone or integrated with the achelos SM-DP+.

Based on achelos' cloud-native approach it can be rapidly rolled out in any cloud environment, whether private, public or hybrid, providing immediate ownership of this important eSIM consumer component to operator groups, device manufacturers and eSIM aggregators.


How it works:

To simplify the customer experience of connecting consumer devices, the Discovery Service enables users with an established mobile subscription to download a profile fully automated without any manual interaction.


Step 1

Once the user has signed a mobile subscription contract with an operator, a profile is allocated in the operator’s SM-DP+. The SM-DP+ informs the connected Discovery Server that it has a profile waiting for the user’s device, identified by its EID (eSIM Identifier).



Step 2

The device sends its EID to the Discovery Server. If a profile is indeed registered for its EID, the Discovery Server returns the SM-DP+ address from which the profile can be downloaded.


Step 3

The device contacts the SM-DP+ and the profile is downloaded and installed on its eSIM. Following profile activation, the user has access to the subscribed services.


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