Whitepaper "Rise of the Off-the-shelf eSIM RSP Software"

The adoption of eSIM (embedded SIM) across consumer and IoT applications will soon reach an inflection point. This offers new opportunities for MNOs, infrastructure providers, system integrators and other potential stakeholders to operate their own eSIM RSP (Remote SIM Provisioning) platforms and exercise full control over eSIM RSP management and services.


With growing geopolitical shifts and newer applications such as Private 5G Networks, having full data sovereignty and control is becoming imperative for the eSIM RSP platform users. Further, having a certain degree of autonomy can help the eSIM RSP platform owners shape business and pricing models and differentiate even more compared to the eSIM-as-a-Service solutions out there.

Independent software-only providers such as achelos started as a niche by offering flexible off-the-shelf eSIM RSP software. The strategic decision of achelos to offer software rather than “eSIM Management-as-a-Service” has provided the company with a key differentiator in the market.

It allows achelos to enable eSIM RSP services for ecosystem stakeholders, such as operators and solution providers, without entering into competition with them (by offering comparable services like connectivity, eSIM management and device management).

Having access to this kind of eSIM RSP software is a critical foundation for potential stakeholders to co-develop distinctive features and competitive services on top of the RSP core functionality with full control over security, scalability and costs.


Download the complete whitepaper here.

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