fast to deploy & easy to scale

> Modular microservices architecture

> Designed for container platforms such as Kubernetes

> Supporting private and public cloud (AWS, Azure,...)

> Best-in-class open source components

> Powerful APIs for integration



Our eSIM management solutions enable you to build and operate your own eSIM service, rather than depending on 3rd party services.

You can use the software components off-the-shelf or request bespoke features to meet specific requirements.

SM-SR, SM-DP and SM-DP+ can be deployed stand-alone or as a fully integrated solution.

They are fully GSMA compliant and ready for SAS-SM certification and our team of experts will support you through all stages of the deployment project.

for IoT

Our IoT Connectivity Orchestration solution allows fully automated management of use cases like initial localisation, advanced fall-back and dynamic location change.

It is a key component to manage complex supply chains and to address effectively the risks of regulatory requirements like permanent roaming across different regions.

Based on highly customisable business rules and the integration of external event notifications the system triggers defined operations through the interfaces of connected subscription management systems.