Remote eSIM Provisioning

GSMA SGP.22 compliant

→ The achelos DP+ serves as the central profile repository, supporting multiple activation modes (QR-Code, Generic-QR, CarrierApp, Discovery Service, Default DP+).

→ Easy integration of external Discovery Services (Apple Lookup Service, Samsung DS, GSMA DS) is performed through the admin UI.

→ The solution comes with integrated achelos DS to support either stand-alone Discovery Service, or cascading with the Root-DS of GSMA.



eSIM IoT Management

GSMA SGP.32 compliant

→ The achelos eIM is the central node for eSIM profile lifecycle management, specifically designed to manage Network Constraint Devices (NCD)

→ Supports IPA on device (IPAd) as well as IPA on eUICC (IPAe)

→ The achelos eIM can be easily integrated with achelos IoT Connectivity Orchestration platform


eSIM M2M Management

GSMA SGP.02 compliant

→ The solution integrates both components defined by SGP.02, the SM-DP and SM-SR for simplified administration

→ Integration of external, 3rd party GSMA components is easily done using the standardised interfaces

→ Easy integration of SMS-C entities via SMPP protocol



IoT Connectivity Orchestration

supporting GSMA SGP.02 and SGP.32

→ Central IoT profile and device repository

→ Integration with external GSMA components using standardised interfaces

→ Event based business rules for automated profile lifecycle workflows